Software Development

You've worked hard to build your company, sales, train your team and build trust with your clients, but you need more.  Maybe you've considered custom software to streamline operations and increase your competitive advantage, but you're not sure where to start, or you already have custom software and need a fresh perspective, and you have questions, lots of questions. Good news -- we have answers.

Software Project Management

"You can't manage what you can't measure" -- Author Unknown.

At Sofvue, we offer twenty years of proven experience, and we understand project accountability.  We know how to navigate the myriad of tasks that accompany most projects, and the people that build and manage applications.  We recognize that soft and technical skills are equally important, explaining why we plan deliberately, listen carefully and execute plans to the betterment of your enterprise.

Outsourced IT Management

Having an IT networking company support your IT infrastructure is only half the solution.  You also need a company who understands technology and keeps pace with the ever evolving changes and best practices that drive IT initiatives.  You need a company that knows how to develop short and long term strategic ROI goals, and a company who has managed delivery teams with 5 to 100 people, from small start-ups to Fortune 300 firms.

Why Choose Sofvue?

I'm John Tomblin, and my small technology firm, Sofvue, is about supporting and developing the people and technology solutions that drive the real estate community.  By staying small, we remain nimble and can scale quickly to projects of any size.  We want to understand your goals, what keeps you up at night and where you want to be in five years.  Yes, our boutique firm designs and builds custom software applications, websites and database systems, but that's only part of the picture.  What we really does is help businesses maximize technology to its capacity.

We have testimonial letters, names and phone numbers of people you can call today to learn more about how we've helped them achieve their business goals, goals we can achieve for your business as well.

At Sofvue, we deliver three benefits.  First is our proven six-step Component Based Software Engineering (CBSE) development approach, an approach designed to save you thousands of dollars in otherwise lost productivity.  Second is our ability to scale development teams to meet the exact time and budgetary constraints of your project and third is our tenure in the real estate marketplace.  Our clients include title insurance firms, architects, real estate educators, construction companies, real estate law firms, commercial and residential brokerage and property management firms, mortgage companies, inspection companies, commercial and residential appraisal firms, and many others.


Next Steps...

My cell number is 623-845-2747 and my office is 623-322-1417.  The first step is having a short conversation about your company needs, whether for a software project, project management support, a new website, commercial drone videography, etc.  If I can help, we'll schedule an on-line conference call or face-to-face.  When I can't help, I'll provide you a list of contact names and phone numbers of people who can.  I look forward to your call.