SaaS Development

Sofvue owns and operates numerous SaaS applications, including officeatlas and datatitan,  both serving the regional and national real estate marketplace.

Software Project Management

Since 2004, Sofvue has managed the development of over $16MM in deployed software applications.

Technology Consulting

At Sofvue, we combine 35 years of real estate and technology experience to bring you consulting services that actually help your real estate business grow.

Office Atlas

Providing the development ancestry for thousands of office developments across the Western states.

Condo Atlas

Condo Atlas provides brokers and agents the tools they need to better market their for-sale and for-lease properties.

High Rise Magazine

Catering to the AEC and CRE community in the development and marketing of $500K+ condos, penthouses and lofts.

Custom Software

When off-the-shelf solutions are no longer viable, or your existing software has become obsolete, Sofvue conceives, designs, develops and launches custom software exclusively for your real estate company.

Airwest Drones

Since 2015, Airwest Drones has photographed, filmed and provided aerial drone videography for over 7,500 office developments across Arizona and California.

Web Development

In the U.S. today, there are 5MM+ real estate websites.  How do you compete against 5MM sites you ask?  Holistically, that's how.

Reverse Software Engineering

Erasing technical debt in small businesses has become the single greatest threat in today's data driven world.  Is your business safe?

Sofvue's Approach to Development

Idea's are easy. What's daunting, if not done correctly, is developing cost efficient plans that produce VALUABLE software for your business.

Disaster Recovery Plan(s)

To eliminate uncertainty in your real estate business, you must first understand what creates it.

Database Systems

Whether you need a local database for your small business or a cloud solution supporting thousands of users, Sofvue delivers.

Why Choose Sofvue?

I'm John Tomblin, and our small technology firm, Sofvue, is about supporting and developing the people and technology that drive the CRE/AEC/RRE community.

Yes, we're small, but that's what makes us nimble and allows us to scale projects from an army of 1 to teams of up to 25 programmers/developers.  Our applications have been featured on local news stations, Good Morning America (ABC) and The History Channel.  We've even been featured on the nightly national news ABS/CBN in Asia.

We have testimonial letters, names and phone numbers of people you can call right now to learn more about how we've helped companies across the Southwestern states achieve their real estate business goals, goals we can achieve for your business as well.

Call us at 623-845-2747, and let us prove to you why so many companies choose Sofvue as their technology partner.