About Us

My Back Story

I'm John Tomblin, and I serve as President of Sofvue.  I've been immersed in the real estate industry my entire life. My father was a real estate developer for thirty years. I grew up moving every six to twelve months for the start of my father's next big development. During summer breaks in junior and high school, he put me to work on job sites pouring concrete in the blistering Las Vegas heat, working as a carpenter’s apprentice, and learning the construction trade. It was hard work, and I gained tremendous respect for the men and women who get their hands dirty and build.  It was also very rewarding to watch an office building spring up out of the ground, as if from nothing.

My high school had an architectural design program, which I attended for four years, convinced I was going to be an architect and earn my AIA certification, but at the early age of twenty-two, I decided to go into sales and take advantage of a then booming real estate market. I went on to become a licensed broker and state certified real property appraiser for twenty years. I managed hundreds of small income producing properties and closed hundreds of residential resales. I appraised over 3,000 residential homes, small mini-warehouses and small retail strip centers, and I was fortunate to be recruited by and trained by Gary Keller of Keller Williams Realty, back when Gary's company was a single office in Austin, Texas. I marketed and sold residential resale and custom homes for six years, representing custom and regional home builders including Precision Home Builders and Waterloo Custom Homes.

I taught TAR/NAR courses for the GRI designation for five years and I have two real estate publications to my credit.  "Perceptions of Value - Real Estate Appraisal Theory and Application", a 400 page textbook, was published in 1992.  A few years later in 1994, I accepted a request to serve as Senior Editor of "Texas Real Estate Agency Law", a 250 page law textbook published by Dearborn Publishing in Chicago, Illinois. Both publications were widely distributed with multiple printings.

Today, I focus all my efforts designing and delivering custom software applications, database systems, IT consulting, project management and websites that serve the real estate community. I also own and operate OfficeAltas.com, BuildingAltas.com, VendorAtlas.com, HighRiseAtlas.com and AirwestDrones.com, all serving the commercial and residential marketplace.

Favorite: ___________________

Movies:  "Braveheart", "No Country for Old Men"
Quote: "Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored" - Aldous Huxley
Food:  Lobster Bisque
Book(s):  Autobiographies of leaders past and present
Destination:  Traveling with my family to any destination that starts with the word "Disney"

Next Steps...

My cell number is 623-845-2747 and my office is 623-322-1417.  The first step is having a short conversation about your company needs, whether for a software project, project management support, a new website, commercial drone videography, etc.  If I can help, we'll schedule an on-line conference call or face-to-face.  When I can't help, I'll provide you a list of contact names and phone numbers of people who can.  I look forward to your call.