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Software Application Project Management

Knowing each step of software development is difficult enough, but knowing why and when a step should happen can be even more challenging.  It's akin to a magician spinning 10 plates on stage, with each plate representing document development time, programming and testing time allotment, business and priority shifts, third party integration slippage and personnel changes, to name a few.  The trick of course is keeping all the plates from crashing to the ground.  In software development, the task list can be daunting, and in some cases continue well past the software deployment date.   This can cause real frustration, especially when business requirements are complex and technical requirements seemingly go on forever.  This is when you need Sofvue.  There are three overarching keys to successfully managing and deploying custom software, including (1) knowing and understanding how to best create and meet the scheduled milestones and release date, (2) ensuring continual and accurate communications during all phases of development and (3) individual accountability.  Achieving these keys go a long way in successfully managing and deploying custom software.

Sofvue has been developing custom software, mobile and large enterprise applications for twenty years, for small, mid and large enterprises.  This experience has taught us many of the pitfalls associated with software development, how to work with third party resources and how to manage small and large development teams.  In addition to over one-hundred projects for small businesses, we've also managed and/or developed application systems for Fidelity National Financial (NYSE:FNF), the United States Air Force (USAF), Travel Planners International, COX Communications, Alamo Title Insurance, Vilore Foods International, and The University of Texas at San Antonio, to name a few.

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