Custom Software Application Development

Sofvue's success is an amalgamation of over two hundred custom website, Android/iOS mobile, database and enterprise application projects completed for real estate companies across the Southwest.  Additionally, Sofvue has completed multi-year projects for the United States Air Force, the University of Texas at San Antonio, Fidelity National Financial, and Travel Planners International, to name a few.

Software Development Project Management

For twenty years, we have been managing software development projects for companies big and small, with development teams of 5 to 100 people.  Small project management jobs can be completed in one to two months, while others take years.  Sofvue has managed numerous software projects across a wide swatch of market segments including real estate, medical ambulatory, dental prescription, dental laboratory, U.S. military logistics, U.S. transportation logistics, along with projects in telecommunications and insurance.   At Sofvue, everything we do follows a plan, is deliberate and is led by your strategic vision.

Mobile Friendly Website Design

On April 21, 2015, Google effectively "reset" the bar and told the world that if your website was not responsive and device agnostic, that your site did not deserve to be ranked on its search engine.  Since then, millions of small businesses across the country have been in the race of the century to either change their existing company site, or build a new mobile friendly website.  For businesses in the real estate community, Sofvue employs an effective six step website design approach allowing your company to have the "mobile friendly" website you really want.  Our work has been featured on Good Morning America, The History Channel, WFAA Dallas, KSAT12 in San Antonio, and various other smaller market newscasts.

At Sofvue, our goal is direct -- complete your project quickly and cost efficiently, exactly as you demand it. To receive a company brochure providing more details of past projects, read testimonials from our other clients, or to just ask questions about process and costs, contact our office at 623-845-2747, or click the "Schedule Appointment" link below and complete the simple contact form.  We return all inquiries within one business day.

Reverse Software Application Engineering

Your lead developer or programmer just gave you two weeks notice, and you realize at that exact moment that no one understands the inner workings of your company software, you have zero documentation, and you have no back-up resources to fill the void.

In order to eradicate technical debt and streamline application development processes, and prevent these types of situations from occurring in the future, you need a real solution.  We work with your programming team, managers and stakeholders developing the necessary business case, wireframes, business and programming requirements, reverse table structure, use case scenarios, server configurations and required server specifications that justify your company's enterprise application.  We've been working with programming teams across the U.S. and internationally for two decades.  We know the vernacular, we know how to avoid the pitfalls and we don't stop until siloed management and programming resources have been clearly defined and documented.

Application Wireframing Services

For savvy businesses who understand the benefits of wireframing, and who want to avoid massive technical debt and project scope creep, we provide both low- and high-fidelity wireframing, business requirement gathering and Statement of Work (SOW) documentation that projects need to succeed.  As of 2016, we've developed over 25,000 wireframes in LucidCharts, Balsamic and WireAltas (Sofvue's own wireframing application platform).  We work directly with your stakeholders and staff to identify, document, prep and prepare sprinting cycles, this to complete short-term sprinting goals, as well as long-term project goals.

Commercial Real Estate Aerial Videography (

When you need aerial videography or photography services for your commercial property, Sofvue is last call you need to make.  We are professional, experienced and insured.  We offer one day turnaround for raw videography and three-business day turnaround for commercial listings in Phoenix, and ten-business day turnaround for commercial office developments in Southern California.  To learn more, visit, or click the "Schedule Appointment" link to schedule an on-site appointment.

Office Atlas (

Office Atlas, a division of Sofvue, is a regional directory providing the development ancestry for thousands of office developments in Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego, Tucson and soon, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City.  The service is 100% free to the commercial real estate community.  To learn more, visit, or call our office to schedule a personalized online demonstration.

Training & Technical Writing

When you need technical documentation for complex software, you need a company who can carefully and accurately craft the words so everyone in your company understands the inner workings of an application -- not just the engineers and programmers.  This saves vast amounts of time, reduces wasted training and re-training efforts and makes everyone an expert of your company software.  We're highly efficient and know how to breakdown even the most complex processes and steps, and then create the needed documentation and illustrations so everyone understands how (and why) an application works.  To date, we've written over 15,000 pages of training and technical documentation for highly complex applications for real estate, medical, engineering, financial and insurance application systems.

Next Steps...

Call our office at 623-845-2747 so we can schedule an introductory call to learn more about your company, your goals and how Sofvue can bring value to your project.  We look forward to your call.